Kabuki Gang!

Originally these were for something else entirely (I think), plus I was supposed to do the heavy weapons guy and the leader, but got moved to a "hot" project before I could finish the remainders. This was like 3 years ago and I'd pretty much given up hope that they'd see the light of day, but turns out they're in the new Zombicide:Invader game. I double stoked that they got produced and even more stoked that I've never done anything for Zombicide, so I can finally write a post card to my dear 'ol momma and tell her that I finally made it! Enjoy!

I showed the backs of these figures because I remember not feeling very confident with what I had to do with the crumpled up jackets and such, Mind you, this was like 3 years ago and, obviously, I know everything, but at the time I really made and effort to do some studies and try the get a better quality in the final product. Of course, I'm perfect now and study is just a waste of time ;)