The Swamp Family

This was an interesting project because we flipped the normal workflow so that I created the concepts and sculpted the models in ZBrush before we sent the models to the illustrators. We sped up the workflow considerably and the resulting illustrations were fantastic. In particular, I was absolutely glowing when I saw the illustrations by Lie Setiawan. To see a design from my brain brought to life by such a talented artist was truly an honor.

Check out the illustrations here:

Mist Speaker:

Bog Trog Spearmonsters:

Swamp Gobber River Pirate:

The models were all designed and sculpted for print and production in soft PVC plastic for the board game, Widower's Wood.

Michael jenkins gator family

Gatorman Family Portrait

Michael jenkins bog trog family

Bog Trog Family Portrait

Michael jenkins other guys

The Other Guys