Blighted Nyss Modular Kit

Whoa! Blast from the past. I made this in 2012 (I think) while working at Privateer Press. It was the first product I made to be produced in PVC and it was a modular nightmare. The kit required 4 unique models with the option of constructing each as a swordsman or archer. Finding poses that looked "natural" for wielding a two-handed sword and bow were tough to find. Engineering the connection points for the modular parts in PVC was even more difficult because of the material's tendency to shrink and warp disproportionately, we needed to hide the joints with natural seems. Ultimately, we had to tweak the concepts slightly for a better result in production, but it was worth it. The sculpting is a little shitty, but I was honestly surprised it wasn't MORE shitty when I looked back on these. Does that mean I barely got better in the 5 or 6 years since these? Shiiiiiiiit . . . :/